Domestic abuse matters are some of the most difficult legal matters. When violence — or threats of violence — occur in the household, the home becomes an unsafe place. As such, the Maryland courts take domestic violence very seriously.

If you are the victim of abuse, or have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, it is essential to find an attorney who can help protect your rights.

Scales Law Group has  more than a decade of  experience representing clients in domestic violence-related matters. Serving Ocean City, MD and throughout the Eastern Shore, we offer knowledgeable, aggressive counsel that will ensure your fair treatment in the judicial system

Aggressive Domestic Abuse Defense

Protecting Your Rights — And Your Household

We provide legal guidance for a full array of domestic violence matters including:

  • Battery

  • Protective Orders

  • Assault

  • Sexual violence

  • Neglect

  • Step-parent abuse

  • Drug crimes

  • Social Services (CPS Involvement)

Crimes of violence are often dealt with more severely in the legal system and usually require incarceration.

As defense counsel, we will examine every aspect of a matter, and will seek to have the charges reduced. We are skilled in obtaining pretrial diversions and suspended sentences on behalf of our clients, enabling them to avoid punishment in exchange for good behavior.

Yet your safety is our priority, and for those exposed to violence, we assist in obtaining emergency protective orders and emergency custody when a situation necessitates it.

Defending Your Rights

Being charged with a crime of violence creates significant issue and penalties for the accused. The most common form of domestic violence is when someone assaults another person. If found guilty, the accused faces a maximum penalty is 10 years in jail on an assault in the second degree conviction.


In an assault in the first degree, the accused can be incarcerated up to 25 years. This type of assault charge is viewed more harshly due to the severity of the victim's injures such as requiring medical treatment or potentially life threatening.


If you are convicted of a domestic related crime, you may also have consequences under federal law such as losing your 2nd Amendment right ti bear arms. If you or a loved one is accused of a crime, it is important to have an aggressive and experienced lawyer fighting for your freedom. Call Scales Law Group today to schedule your consultation to discuss your rights.

The Representation You Need

Contact  Scales Law Group if you are experiencing domestic abuse or if prosecutors have brought criminal charges against you. 

Emergency Protective Orders

Sometimes action needs to be taken quickly. Emergency protective or peace orders are granted on short notice by the court and remain in effect until a full hearing is scheduled.


The Scales Law Group can take swift legal action in abusive situations to make sure you are safe, by navigating the legal system to ensure that you get all of the services available to keep your abuser from causing further harm.

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Legal Protection For Children

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When abuse involves children, protection is likely your first instinct. It’s important to know that Maryland law allows a court to make an emergency award of custody to a single parent or other responsible party. When clients come to us with child safety concerns, we have the ability to file a petition with the court quickly.

If you have questions about how to keep you and your family safe and the options available under the law, contact Scales Law Group to schedule a consultation and out about your options.